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Within our website you’ll find a wealth of information relating to Oldbury On Severn, its residents, local groups and much more. You will also find a section dedicated to the local Parish Council, providing information about the work of the Council, your local Councillors, access to minutes and agenda’s and much more.

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What’s New in the Parish

To help parishioners keep up to date with the latest developments and goings on we will be regularly updating this page detailing new events, groups and activities happening around the Parish. You’ll be able to download any relevant publications from the links below.

We may highlight one particular event or group (as well as providing lots of other information about what’s happening at any time), so if you have a new group, event or activity that you would like to see highlighted please let us know.

  • Neighbourhood Plan 2017 : Learn about the Neighbourhood plan 2017.  To find our more please click here.
  • Oldbury Flooding Report : To see a detailed report into the possible causes of flooding in Oldbury in March 2016 please click here. To read S. Glos Councils response to our ‘Have Your Say’ event in July 2016 please click here.
  • ‘Welcome Packs’ : Information about the new welcome pack that is available to all new residents of Oldbury on Severn. Please click here to download a copy.

Oldbury on Severn Neighbourhood Plan

Further to the questionnaire  circulated in the spring  which has now been analysed and the Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA2)  which is now available.  The Working Group wish to invite all members of the community to a feedback event arranged for the :

27th January  between 12.00 and 18.00 in the Memorial Hall Camp Road.

This will be an opportunity  to comment  on the Draft Objectives  which have been set from the questionnaire and to see the results of the site assessments from the flood risk assessment.

The next stage of the plan will be to develop the detailed policies  derived from the draft objectives and to undertake a development site selection assessment, in effect developing the draft neighbourhood plan.

The working Group want your  input into this as it  will  if adopted  be in force until 2036.

Healthwatch survey on GP services

Healthwatch South Gloucestershire provides an independent voice for people around health and social care. They gather feedback from residents about their experiences of using local services and share that with the organisations that provide and fund them, in order to highlight what is working well and what could be better. To find out more, see www.healthwatchsouthglos.co.uk

At the moment they are discussing GP services and are keen to gather feedback from residents across South Gloucestershire through a short online survey: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/J8PY2NK. The survey is open until Friday 2nd February 2018.

Through the survey they hope to understand :

  • how people access their GP service
  • the different ways that people can get an appointment
  • what support is available for people to access their GP service
  • what people’s priorities are when using GP services, for example, would people rather see a named GP or be seen on the same day

Replacement of black wheely bins

South Glos Council waste management team have informed us that the programme to replace the existing 240l black wheely bins with smaller 140l ones will start on 12th January and will take around 12 weeks. We do not yet know when within this period they will be in Oldbury.

The bin exchange will happen by round/collection route. It is a four-step process :

1. The old bins will be emptied as normal.
2. A de-wheeling crew will follow, knocking the wheels off the old bins and stacking them.
3. A bin collection crew will follow with a box van and collect the stacks of bins.
4. A bin delivery crew will start at the opposite end of the round delivering new bins.

The old bins will be dismantled and all material recycled where possible. Any parts which cannot be recycled will be used to create energy. Around 1,378 tonnes of plastic will be recycled into new bins and other hard plastic containers; enough to fill 69 articulated lorries.

Some households with special circumstances will be able to keep their existing 240l bin(s). All households with approved extra capacity should have been sent new pink ‘approved’ stickers. Any bin with a pink sticker will not be changed to a smaller one.

If you feel you will struggle with the constraint of the smaller bin, you can find out how to request extra capacity at http://www.southglos.gov.uk/environment-and-planning/recycling-rubbish-and-waste/special-circumstances/ or by calling 01454 868000.

If you have any questions, try the FAQ list :