Neighbourhood Plan

Oldbury on Severn :  The Future of our Parish

A Neighbourhood Plan!!

South Gloucestershire Council  along with the other local unitary authorities are preparing a West of England Joint Spatial Plan (JSP).The JSP will be a statutory Development Plan Document that will provide the strategic overarching development framework for the area until 2036. Additionally the South Gloucestershire  Local Plan is being reviewed this will on completion reflect many of the decisions made in the JSP and also cover the period  until 2036.

There are potentially serious implications  in these processes which could impact on our Parish and which  we should be aware . It is of  some importance that we understand  this  and put in place a plan which reflects what the community wish to see to ensure the Parish remains sustainable  but retains its character and ethos in the years to come .

In October 2016 Oldbury on Severn Parish Council(OPC) resolved to produce a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) to address this). An application for the Parish to be designated as a Neighbourhood Area was made and accepted.

What is Neighbourhood Planning?

The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 came into force on the 6th April 2012 and have subsequently been updated. These regulations provide for local communities to be able to produce Neighbourhood Plans (NDP) for their local area, putting in place planning policies for the future development and growth of the neighbourhood. These policies have material weight when Planning decisions are being made, they can help to resist unwanted development and to promote the type of development the community wishes to see.

Once a NDP has passed independent examination to ensure it conforms with National Policy and does not contradict policies in the Local Plan a community referendum will be organised. If more than 50% of the votes are in favour of adopting the NDP it will become part of the Local Plan for planning related matters and will have the same legal status.

The Next Step!!

An application to be granted Government funds to undertake the planning work was successful    and a draft project plan has been drawn up. This indicates that it should be possible to submit a viable plan for independent examination towards the end of 2017.

OPC have set up a Neighbourhood Planning Steering Group comprising Councillors and  members of the community  to develop the plan.

There is much work to do, the 2012 Parish Plan provides a good foundation on which to build an up to date NDP. This however is insufficient on its own due to the passage of time and so we need to seek your views once again on the subject of development in the Parish. The first step is to do a survey to ensure the plans reflect the views of the whole Parish. We would like to receive responses from everyone, the more replies we receive the more accurately we can reflect your views. The Parish Plan had a very good response and this helped when we applied for grants for the tangible improvements that have been made so far.

What Then??

Your responses will be analysed and will help form an up-to-date picture on what the community feel about sustainable and modest development particularly within the current development boundary but also adjacent to it. This information will be used in conjunction with the Strategic Flood Risk Assessment to draft a Plan Proposal which will be the subject of community consultation.

Following this the proposals will be reviewed, amended as seen appropriate to take into account community views and submitted to the Local Planning Authority for inspection prior to being submitted for Independent Examination. If the Plan passes examination a local referendum will be held and if the majority agree the plan will become ‘made’ and have legal and material weight  when planning decisions are being made.

YOUR VIEWS COUNT, we are planning the future development of our community for the next 10-20 years!

All personal information collected from this questionnaire is confidential, your name and contact details will not be shared with any other body and will only be used to communicate with you as this project proceeds.

If you want to know more or need help to complete the questionnaire please contact

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