Parish Plan

The Parish Plan was initiated in 2010 when a questionnaire was circulated to all parish households and local business seeking to establish what was needed to enhance the quality of life in the Parish. There was an exceedingly good response to this which in 2012 led to circulation of the published plan. Please click here to view the Parish Plan 2012 Document.

For the next two years, working groups sought to implement the things described in the 2012 plan, the most notable of these was the opening of the Community Shop on the 8th February 2014. There were other achievements which are described in the update circulated in 2014. Please click here to view the October 2014 Status Report.

The Plan is now in its fifth year and the Steering Group felt that like all plans it needed to be reviewed and refreshed due to the passage of time and the changing nature of Parish Life.

To this end a new questionnaire will be circulated with the October edition of 4WARD seeking the views of the community as to how we move forward. This will also give an update of progress to date. Please click here to view the questionnaire.

It is hoped we get a good response with realistic suggestions which will provide the direction for the plan for the future. We will be including a SAE for respondents to return the questionnaire.

The Parish Plan aims to give Oldbury On Severn Parishioners the chance to influence the development and day to day running of our Parish. To see how you can get involved please see below.

If you would like to contact the Parish Council regarding the Parish Plan please do so using the following email :

Parish Planning (also known as Community Led Planning) is a step-by-step structured process, taken on by active members of the community with the support of the Parish Council, to create a vision for the future for the community and an action plan to achieve it. The process involves using a mix of evidence collection and various types of consultation and debate at a very local neighbourhood level. At the heart of this will be a locally relevant questionnaire which goes to every household in the community.

In communities where this has taken place response rates are usually very high because of the way the questionnaire is promoted, distributed and collected. Typically around 50% of households in a community complete and return the questionnaires. The resulting vision covers the social, economic, environmental and cultural well-being of the community and all those who live and work in it. An action plan is also prepared with the relevant partners to identify solutions to local issues which will help realise the shared vision.

How a Parish Plan can benefit the Community
  • They bring the community together and create a greater sense of community spirit
  • They provide a plan for the future of the community, which South Gloucestershire Council and the Parish Council, if there is one, can support, adopt and take action on
  • The plan is based on clear evidence of the needs and priorities of your community to help inform how the council, other statutory agencies and community groups deliver their services and activities locally
  • They encourage partnership working by highlighting projects that need help from local people as well as external agencies
  • They open up funding streams for projects – many grants are only available if evidenced by a Community Led Plan
  • A Parish Plan will be a major driver for future planning
Where are we Now?

The Plan is at a crossroads it requires refreshing and a clear direction from the community to establish what the steps should be taken.

The passage of time has seen the number of participating parishioners diminish partly due to the achievement of the original objectives but to move some issues forward more resource will be required. If you feel you can make a contribution to this please contact a Committee Member or e-mail

Committee Members
Alan Coles 01454 419458
Peter Everton 01454 413633
Paul Feltham 01454 414910
Sarah Hayden 01454 413945
Peter Orford 01454 415346
Jane Perkins 01454 414570
Keith Sullivan 01454 412095
Barry Turner 01454 413551