Public Rights of Way

Public Rights of Way in Oldbury on Severn

Oldbury on Severn has over 77 kms of Public Rights of Way comprising footpaths, green lanes, hauling ways, bridleways etc within the Parish boundaries.

Geographically Oldbury Parish is one of the largest in South Gloucestershire and the path network extends beyond Oldbury village to include the hamlets of Cowhill, Shepperdine & Kington.

Responsibility for Public Rights of Way is shared between :-

The local authority who must record their legal existence and location on the definitive map, and ensure that they are open for public use and :-

The landowners and occupiers who must ensure they are not blocked, by crops or other vegetation or, otherwise obstructed and the route is identifiable and the surface restored soon after cultivation.

Some of the paths within the Parish had fallen in to a poor state of repair so in 2005 the Parish Council in consultation with South Gloucestershire Council appointed a Volunteer Parish Path Warden.

The warden’s primary role was to act as a contact point between the SGC, the Parish council and users to facilitate the speedy resolution of complaints.

A priority list was drawn up based initially on items that were potentially dangerous to users or where rightful access was being prevented.

Regular meeting are now held between the Warden and SGC to review the actions taken and update the priorities based on input from Parishioners and observation by the Warden.

As a result many stiles have been repaired or replaced in recent years. Where possible stiles are now replaced with kissing gates to enable easier access.

The current warden is Allan Taylor who would welcome any input from users or landowners where they come across a Public Rights of Way problem. A clear description of the location of the path and the nature of the problem would be appreciated. A grid reference would be also be a great help but is not essential.

Contact by telephone 07854 131703 or by e-mail at