Parish Plan

The Parish Plan was initiated in 2010 when a questionnaire was circulated to all parish households and local business seeking to establish what was needed to enhance the quality of life in the Parish. There was an exceedingly good response to this which in 2012 led to circulation of the published plan which can be seen here click here

For the next two years, working groups sought to implement the priority items described in the plan. The most notable achievement was the opening of the Community Shop on the 8th February 2014. There were many other achievements which are described in the update circulated in October 2014 which can be viewed seen here click here .

When the Plan was in its fifth year the Steering Group felt that, like all plans, it needed to be reviewed and refreshed due to the passage of time and the changing nature of Parish Life.

To this end a new questionnaire was circulated in October 2015 seeking the views of the community as to how we move forward. Please click here to view the questionnaire.

The responses from this questionnaire were used to refocus the activities within the remaining working groups.

In 2016 however  South Gloucestershire Council, along with the other local unitary authorities, began preparing a West of England Joint Spatial Plan (JSP).The JSP is to be a statutory Development Plan Document that will provide the strategic development framework for the area until 2036.

As there are potentially serious implications in these processes, which could impact on the Parish, it was important that these were understood. To this end it was decided a new Plan was required which would reflects the community’s wishes to ensure the Parish remains sustainable while retaining its character and ethos.

In October 2016, therefore, Oldbury on Severn Parish Council(OPC) resolved to produce a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) to address this.

An application for the Parish to be designated as a Neighbourhood Area was made and accepted.

While the Parish Plan remains valid it has used primarily as a foundation on which to build the NDP. Initial analysis of the latest questionnaire  responses in respect of the NDP indicates that the thoughts and aspirations of the community have not significantly changed since the original Parish Plan.

More information on the NDP may be found here:- (link to NDP page)

If you would like to contact the Parish Council regarding the Parish Plan or the NDP please do so using the following email :